You can choose your energy supplier.
Choose the one that understands your needs.

Whether you operate a small businesses or a large enterprise, your organization has unique energy needs. We're an energy company that gets that, with approaches to buying and using energy that can be tailored to every enterprise.

We focus on strategies for supplying electricity and natural gas that can meet your goals, whether that means controlling costs, maximizing opportunities in the energy marketplace or offering sustainable sources. But we don't stop there. We go beyond simply selling you energy to identifying ways you can use less of it too, helping you eliminate waste, increase efficiency and potentially even generating revenue in ways you hadn't thought of.

We're Here to Help

We make it our mission to earn your trust by sharing our energy expertise and treating our customers with care. Our team of energy professionals is here to answer your energy questions, no matter how complex they may be, so you can get back to your business. We’ll make sure you're up to date with the latest market news, quickly respond to your needs and keep you informed of items that could impact your business. As our customer, you’re our greatest asset.

Our Story

Direct Energy Business is part of a leading energy and energy-related services provider that is focused on helping customers make their businesses better. Through energy choice and a suite of innovative products and services, customers can buy less electricity and natural gas and better manage the impact of energy on their budget and operations. We serve approximately 240,000 businesses of all sizes and from all industries across North America.

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