Gain Unprecedented Visibility Into Your Energy Use

Energy waste, inefficient operations and equipment failure cost businesses billions each year. With Panoramic Power® device-level energy monitoring from Direct Energy Business, you can gain the visibility necessary to find and eliminate energy waste, optimize your operations and even predict and prevent equipment failure.

See Your Operation Like Never Before

If you want to increase energy efficiency and reduce operating costs, it can be hard to know where to go if you can't see where you are. With Panoramic Power® from Direct Energy Business, you can achieve total visibility into your real-time electricity usage—right down to individual pieces of equipment.

Cloud-Based Data Analytics and Storage With PowerRadar™

Your data is collected in 10-second intervals and sent from our remote sensor technology to our intelligent cloud-based analytics platform, PowerRadar™. This data is then turned into actionable insights aimed at reducing inefficiencies and improving operations.

Solutions Optimized for Your Industry

From heavy manufacturing to multi-site retail to healthcare and beyond, energy profiles are unique. To meet those needs, we use our extensive experience across many sectors to tailor our solutions to meet each industry's specific energy management needs and optimization opportunities.

Panoramic Power

A Clear View of Where & When Energy Waste is Occurring

In this webinar presentation see the unparalleled real-time data and insights Panoramic Power® offers. Simply enter your name and business email address for an all-access pass.

Go in-depth into Panoramic Power's capabilities

We've created these resources to provide greater insight into how Panoramic Power works, how it’s helped our customers and what it can do for your operation.


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