Proven Capabilities from an Industry Leader

As a leading North American natural gas wholesale provider, our products and services are designed to meet the needs of utilities, producers, power generators and other large wholesale customers. We have the expertise and a full range of asset management solutions (transportation, storage, and supply) to meet your needs.

With teams of schedulers, traders and asset managers and capabilities like our 24-Hour Physical Gas Trading Desk, Direct Energy Wholesale can be your competitive advantage in the wholesale gas marketplace.

power and gas wholesale services

Strength You Can Rely On

  • Backed by Centrica plc
  • Solid Credit Ratings: BBB+ (S&)P); Baa1 (Moody's)
  • Substantial asset base in the UK, Canada and the US
  • Direct Energy is the #1 commercial retail gas supplier in the Eastern US


gas wholesale services

Origination/Structured Services

  • Originating end user sales and supply options
  • Asset Management – Optimization of Transportation, Storage and Supply Assets
  • Storage Management Transactions
  • Daily Call – Next Day and Intra Day
  • Peaking Services – Winter and Summer
  • No Notice Service
  • FT Capacity Transactions
  • Delivered City Gate Services
  • Risk Management Services – NYMEX Triggers, Financial and Physical Basis, Swaps, Call and Put Options, Collars, Time Spreads

gas wholesale services

Trading Services

  • Physical and financial energy management solutions
  • Swing Supply – Daily take flexibility at FOM prices
  • Production Area Supply
  • Market Area Supply

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