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Thanks to energy choice, you can look at multiple suppliers to find the rate that's best for you. When you choose Direct Energy Business, we'll work to make your transition seamless. There are no transfer fees and we’ll coordinate with your utility for a smooth transfer that you won't notice.* You'll need no new equipment and delivery of your electricity or natural gas will continue through your utility.

Small Business

A reliable, proven energy supplier

If you're in an area that has a competitive energy marketplace, you have the power to choose your energy supplier. When you choose Direct Energy Business, you're choosing the provider that's part of North America's largest energy retailer and one that serves more than 240,000 businesses each and every day.

Small Business

Electricity and natural gas plans to protect your bottom line

We want you to have the peace of mind that comes from a predictable energy rate. That's why we offer electricity and natural gas plans to small business that lock in a rate for the duration of your contract. And, we are committed to offering some of the most competitive rates available.

Small Business

Energy solutions tailored to small business

Small businesses face unique challenges, from how you manage your budget to what type of energy you rely on to power your business. At Direct Energy Business, we know that what you spend on energy can make a big difference for your bottom line. That’s why we offer electricity and natural gas plans tailored to help small businesses make the most out of every dollar.

"It wasn’t just treating us like a person, it was treating us like a family."

–Arthur Hults, Controller, Seabrook Seafoods

After the small business was significantly damaged by winds and flooding from Hurricane Ike, Direct Energy Business helped Seabrook Seafoods get back on their feet with a flexible energy repayment plan. Read their story and others to see for yourself how we deliver on energy solutions for the unique needs of every business.

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*The Public Utility Commission (or other governing body for utilities) in your state or province, and your local utility/local distribution company, support the opportunity for businesses to choose their energy supplier–and they do not penalize those who do switch to a competitive retail energy supplier. We do however encourage you to contact your current energy supplier to verify when your contract with them ends and if there are any cancellation fees or penalties that may apply if you do switch to a new supplier prior to that.

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