Solicitation for Renewable Energy and Associated Attributes for the PJM Market

As a leading North American retail energy supplier and wholesaler, Direct Energy Business is the trusted provider of energy services to over 160,000 commercial customers as well as essential government and educational institutions.

Our wholesale division, Direct Energy Wholesale Services, is seeking offtake for both new and existing solar, wind or hydroelectric renewable assets located within the PJM ISO. It is envisioned that this would be a physical agreement meeting the business terms and conditions set forth in this RFP solicitation. The offtake will comprise of both power and renewable energy certificates. It is hoped that this solicitation will yield at least one successful agreement; however, we are open to more than one if multiple projects are successful in meeting the criteria listed.

We look forward to your responses and the possibility of working with you in the near future.


Please provide the information requested in the form to download the RFP documents.


Power capabilities

Top 20 wholesale power marketer in North America

17 GW of non-renewable generation under management or fuel supply arrangements

11 GW of renewable
generation under


  • 24/7 market monitoring and real time operations
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) provided for conventional or renewable power assets
  • Energy forecasting, scheduling, optimization and settlement services
  • Structured power sales to utilities and retail aggregators

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