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Robust wholesale supply solutions to meet your demands

If you're a power generator, municipality or other large energy user, you need a wholesale energy provider with the experience, strength and breadth of offerings to meet your needs. Direct Energy Wholesale Services is a leading North American wholesale provider with the proven power and gas capabilities to serve you.


A North American energy leader

#6 ranked North American gas marketer

#1 ranked natural gas capacity trader in the U.S. (based on deal count)

17 GW EMA generation assets under management across North America

#2 ranked natural gas capacity trader in the U.S. (based on annualized volume)

Expansive North American gas asset portfolio: 6 bcf/day pipeline capacity | 50 bcf storage


For large industrials

From your need for reliable energy supply to controlling costs and even meeting your renewable targets, we have the expertise, financial strength and market presence to achieve your goals.


Municipalities, community choice aggregators

Your customers and constituents rely on you to deliver reliable energy solutions but also responsible ones. Our team can help you meet your goals from renewables to long term hedges/offtakes and energy management arrangements.


Retail energy providers

You’re focused on securing the most reliable energy supply for your customers at the best value for your bottom line. As par t of one of the largest energy retailers in North America, we know how to meet your unique needs in the market.


Power plant operators & developers

Get the most value out of your assets with our optimized supply solutions. We offer complete energy management and asset management services as well as highly accurate nominations, scheduling and much more.

Experienced Supply
Professionals and Platforms

  • Schedulers, Traders, Asset Managers, Systems
  • 24-Hour Physical Gas & Power Desks
  • NERC-Certified System Operators
  • ISO-Cer tifications (PJM, NYISO, ISO-NE)
  • Full-time Regulatory staff to monitor federal, state, and ISO market issues