Natural Gas

Utilities, producers, power generators and other large wholesale customers



Utilities, power generators, municipalities, coops & other large wholesale customers

Experienced Supply Professionals and Platforms

  • Schedulers, Traders, Asset Managers, Systems
  • 24-Hour Physical Gas & Power Desks
  • NERC-Certified System Operators
  • ISO-Certifications (PJM, NYISO, ISO-NE)
  • Full-time Regulatory staff to monitor federal, state, and ISO market issues

Ability to Originate End User Sales and Supply Options

  • Wholesale Power Origination/Structured Transactions
  • Wholesale Gas LDC Origination
  • Producer Origination
  • Gas Supply & Asset Management for Generators/LNG export

Renewable Energy Credits General Terms and Conditions

Generation Management 2015

Generation Management 2015

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