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In Virginia, much of the hybrid electricity market remains closed to retail electricity suppliers due to significant deterrents and barriers to entry. However, that isn’t the case anymore. Virginia’s electricity and renewable energy markets are changing dramatically. Over the last 20 years, state legislators, with input from regulated utilities, have introduced and amended numerous changes that impact the electricity and renewable energy markets.

A properly restructured energy market creates competition, which can lead to a better experience for consumers.

For Virginia consumers, here are four benefits to energy choice.

1. Lower Prices | When suppliers must compete for your business, it helps drive down prices for consumers.

2. Innovation | Competition forces companies to think outside the box and create options for a variety of needs. In energy markets that already have energy choice, this led to a rise in renewable energy products and customized solutions with options such as flexible pricing, terms, services and billing, which can be valuable for business that have a large energy usage.

3. Customer Service | When consumers have their choice of provider, they no longer have to stay with a company that can't provide the level of customer service that’s expected.

4. Environmental Benefits | Virginians have been blessed with beautiful natural resources. It is important to promote the development of renewable energy because it's clean and unlimited, which reduces the demand for non-renewable sources of energy.

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How will the new Virginia energy market impact you?

We want to make sure you have all the up-to-date information when it comes to the electricity and renewable energy market regulations in Virginia. Our five-part webinar series will help you stay informed of the latest developments and how they may impact you and your business.


Be in the know when it comes to energy choice for Virginia.

The Virginia energy market can be confusing. To help clarify things, read our blog article that breaks down what you need to know about energy deregulation.