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For agencies in the public sector, energy procurement and management present their own set of unique challenges. We’re uniquely suited to help your agency meet them. From maximizing cost-effectiveness in energy budgets through competitive pricing to sustainability and support with contracts & proposals, we’re here to meet your needs.


Product Spotlight: GasPortfolio®

When you have significant natural gas spending, it's tempting to settle for the relative security of a fixed price gas product. We get it—keeping up with natural gas market opportunities & movement can be difficult and time-consuming. There is a better way. It's called GasPortfolio® from Direct Energy Business.



"We are so proud to be partnering with the Government of Canada as they leverage our experience across North America to buy less of what we sell and better manage the impact of energy on their budget and operations."




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WATCH: Managed products do more for you.

We want to help you stand out in today’s competitive energy landscape with our suite of managed products. Our team of strategic service experts will start by working with you to develop a customized purchasing strategy to maximize your energy spending, while protecting you from the volatilities of the energy marketplace. See why 95 percent of our managed product customers stay with us year after year.