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Tap the Power of Advanced Energy Management

Manufacturing and industry are major engines driving the world economy. To do that requires energy—and lots of it. This means that energy represents a major expense for manufacturing and industry. In fact, these sectors account for 51 percent1 of the world’s energy consumption and 30 percent2 of consumption in the U.S.

Gain new energy insights with Panoramic Power

For manufacturers that want to increase energy efficiency and reduce operating costs, it can be hard to know where to go if you can’t see where you are. With Panoramic Power® from Direct Energy Business, you can achieve total visibility into your real-time electricity usage—right down to individual pieces of equipment.

Manufacturing and industry are also adopters and drivers of advancing technologies that create new efficiencies and raise productivity. It just makes sense then their energy usage and spending should be just as advanced. That’s why Direct Energy Business offers smarter energy strategies that use innovative technology like Panoramic Power—and our expertise—to help our manufacturing and industrial customers buy less of what sell.

Smarter Energy Strategies Built Around You

Direct Energy Business will help you create a comprehensive energy strategy that makes your business better. You can get unprecedented visibility into when and where you use your energy—right down to the equipment and device level.

Finally, we deliver a customized strategy aligned to your business goals—from purchasing and curtailment strategies, efficiency and sustainability initiatives and much more—that make sense for your business and your bottom line.

The information on this page is here as a resource for you to get started on your path to energy efficiency and smarter energy strategies. If you have any questions, or would like to speak one of our representatives, please contact us today.

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