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How Panoramic Power® can help groceries and supermarkets reduce costs and prevent failures

High refrigeration and HVAC costs account for close to 70% of energy consumption for food retailers.1 Intelligent, actionable, data-backed insights help reduce waste and consumption and increase bottom line profits.

Panoramic Power® from Direct Energy Business is the device-level energy monitoring solution that can deliver capabilities to help predict equipment failure, prevent product loss and increase energy savings.

Start with device-level energy monitoring from Panoramic Power

Achieve a more profitable – and sustainable – grocery and supermarket, and gain:

  • Visibility into energy consumption at the system level, and alerts when exceptions occur
  • Analytics that reveal usage patterns and trends, compare outlets and identify maintenance issues before failures occur
  • Processes that leverage actionable intelligence to optimize energy use and reduce consumption across multiple facilities

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Detect refrigeration failures before they occur

Panoramic Power can recognize unusual energy usage patterns and send real-time alerts for service. This predictive capability helps groceries and supermarkets avoid the high costs of shrinkage of spoiled food items that can result when failures occur in refrigerated coolers and storage areas.

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Use data to avert waste

Panoramic Power offers a granular picture into energy waste. It can detect where energy is being wasted with real-time energy monitoring at circuit level, helping to identify otherwise unknown off-schedule or excess energy consumption.

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Maximize the energy savings of every device and entire stores

When stores monitor the energy consumption of individual devices, systems and assets, they can identify inefficiencies, improper usage and opportunities for savings.

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Monitor multiple systems from one intelligent dashboard

Track the energy profiles of HVAC, refrigeration, lighting and facility equipment within a single system that monitors, benchmarks, alerts and provides insights for process improvement.

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