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How Panoramic Power® can help educational facilities reduce costs

Energy costs are the largest operating expense for educational facilities after salaries and benefits1. The good news is –whether it’s waste, inefficient operation of heating and cooling systems or off hour consumption- there is a large opportunity to realize greater efficiencies and reduce costs.

Panoramic Power® is a device-level energy monitoring solution that provides schools with a cost effective, easy-to-deploy solution that delivers unmatched visibility into energy consumption and facility level performance to identify and eliminate waste.

Start with device-level energy monitoring from Panoramic Power

Gain greater insight into your facilities' energy usage, and gain:

  • Visibility into energy consumption at the system level, and alerts when exceptions occur
  • Analytics that reveal usage patterns and trends, compare outlets and identify maintenance issues before failures occur
  • Processes that leverage actionable intelligence to optimize energy use and reduce consumption across multiple facilities

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Support energy efficiency initiatives

With Panoramic Power, you can look at your facilities’ systems and individual devices to determine ways to improve how they function together and cut energy use. Make informed energy efficiency decisions and increase ROI by identifying the specific inefficiency sources across all systems and all sites and immediately validate the ROI of any efficiency initiative.

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Predict and prevent equipment failure

By monitoring the energy-consumption patterns of devices, Panoramic Power helps you identify equipment anomalies, performance drift or overloading with live and remote monitoring at the device level. Real-time maintenance alerts enable you to avoid unexpected failures of devices, equipment and systems.

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Benchmark devices, systems, buildings and campuses

Schools can evaluating data for comparable units to uncover systems that are not functioning properly, detect hidden waste and operational inefficiencies and ensure equipment is optimized and effective.

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Use data to avert waste

Panoramic Power offers a granular picture into energy waste. It can detect where energy is being wasted—down to specific lights, office equipment and points in the heating and cooling system. With this knowledge, you can take steps to eliminate waste and reduce costs.

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