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As administrators of educational institutions, from K-12 schools to universities, managing energy costs is a critical concern across the board. Schools across North America choose Direct Energy Business as their energy supplier because we deliver energy strategies that can not only reduce costs but that eliminate waste, help meet sustainability goals and much more.


The best of both worlds

With Load Following Block & Index, you can lock in a portion or all of your usage at a fixed rate, while floating your unfixed load at index prices.



"As a small, private college with a limited utility budget, we needed to be able to manage our energy costs at a consistent, predictable rate. With natural gas prices at an all-time low, Direct Energy Business afforded us the opportunity to lock in those prices."


- Mira Ray, Director of Georgian’s Centre for Applied Research and Innovation




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WATCH: Managed products do more for you.

We want to help you stand out in today’s competitive energy landscape with our suite of managed products. Our team of strategic service experts will start by working with you to develop a customized purchasing strategy to maximize your energy spending, while protecting you from the volatilities of the energy marketplace. See why 95 percent of our managed product customers stay with us year after year.