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Powerful energy strategies for your industry

Every business relies on energy, but not every type of business has the same reliance on energy. Depending on the type of operation you run, where in the world you run it and a whole host of other factors, you have unique energy needs. You also have unique opportunities.

That's where we come in. As part of one of the largest energy providers in the world, we have the capabilities—and the expertise—to deliver energy strategies that can do more for you. From reducing your costs to increasing your efficiency and sustainability, we are your end-to-end provider.


Industries we serve:


Achieving the highest level of success in your manufacturing operation depends on getting the most out of your people, your processes and your equipment.


Healthcare facilities are complex, energy-intensive operations. Your systems and equipment work together to serve a critical mission that make failure definitively not an option.


As administrators of educational institutions, from K-12 schools to universities, managing energy costs is a critical concern across the board.


In the lean world of retail, we know that energy management is just one responsibility among many. Luckily, we know retail, because we are retail.

Public Sector

For agencies in the public sector, energy procurement and management present their own set of unique challenges. We’re uniquely suited to help your agency meet them.

Real Estate

Offices, apartment buildings, stores and other commercial real estate buildings are big energy users. In office buildings alone, energy accounts for as much as one-third of operating costs.


"We value our relationship with Direct Energy Business. When we have a question, the team responds within hours. I like the reporting and bi-weekly status call updates that keep Volvo abreast of the electricity and natural gas market. Our relationship with Direct Energy Business is still young, but I like how the future includes new opportunities."


- Ryan Little | Commodity Buyer for Indirect Products & Services Purchasing, Volvo Group