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Tips for Becoming More Sustainable

As a business wishing to exercise corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship, you may be considering ways to ‘go green’ or to become more sustainable across your business. Here are some things to consider—both within and outside of the energy realm—that are simple to implement and that can provide immediate payback:

  1. Reduce your energy usage. Energy reduction both benefits the environment and it can help lower your energy bill. For example, power down electronics at night.
  2. Increase your energy efficiency. Implement energy efficiency measures for power consumption devices, including designated energy-efficient appliances, lighting, electronics, and machinery.
  3. Purchase renewable energy credits (RECs).  RECs offset your energy usage with energy from renewable sources.
  4. Recycle. This can include providing documentation, bills and other communications electronically, rather than by paper through the mail.
  5. Reduce your internal consumption of paper. Limit paper communications by using double-sided printing, electronic documentation, controlled paper product dispensers, etc.
  6. Reduce your water usage. Implement motion-controlled faucets and appliances specifically designated to conserve water (dishwashers, washing machines, sprinklers and toilets).
  7. Reduce travel and commuting. Lower your company's overall carbon footprint by telecommuting, carpooling, and conducting online meetings.

EPA Green Power Partnership

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership is a voluntary program that supports the organizational procurement of green power. The EPA actively recognizes and promotes companies that participate in this program. 

Regional Voluntary Renewable Programs

Regional programs provide financial incentives for voluntary participation in the renewable energy market.