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Managing Energy Costs

Electricity and natural gas costs can be a large portion of any businesses expenses. Let us help you buy less of what we sell. Learn how to reduce your energy consumption, find ways to make better energy purchasing decisions and understand how energy is priced.

Tips by Industry | Cost Saving Tips | Go Green!


Go Green!

Whether you’re interested in powering your business with solar, or debating the benefits of a CNG vs LNG fleet, Direct Energy Business makes it easy to go green. Learn how renewable resources such as wind and solar and green sources like natural gas can propel your business to savings.

Renewable Energy | Becoming More Sustainable | What is a REC ?


Energy Tools

Need help converting CCFs to decatherms, or a simple refresher as to what exactly those terms mean? Our powerful conversion calculators and guides will get you up to speed and talking like an energy professional in no time.

Conversion Calculator | Conversion Factors | Energy Glossary


Frequently Asked Questions

How is Direct Energy Business different than your utility company? Are you a large business or a small business ? How do you log into your account page? Get the answers to all your questions, and more, right here in our powerful Frequently Asked Questions section.

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