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Variable Rate


Variable Rate

Is a Variable Rate Right for You?

For businesses that are comfortable with assuming risks and can dedicate time and attention to managing fluctuations in pricing, variable rate plans can be the right choice.

Variable rate plans offer a market-based rate for your electricity supply, with no long-term commitment. These plans can present an alternative to fixed price plans when prices are at relative highs. They can also provide a short-term solution for businesses that want to wait until prices go down to the point they want to lock in a rate and term that is right for them.

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Variable Rate

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We're part of the largest energy and home-services retailer in North America, with more than 5 million customer relationships in Canada and the U.S. Each and every day, we supply more than 240,000 businesses with electricity and natural gas solutions that are tailored to their business.

Variable Rate

It's Easy To Get Started

We make selecting a variable rate straightforward and easy. Our current prices are updated every month so you know exactly what to expect.

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