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An Electric Plan That Protects You From Seasonal Ups and Downs

RateFlex allows small businesses to lock in great electricity rates through different parts of the year and all under the same contract term, from 12 to 24 months. RateFlex can give your business the budget certainty and protection from seasonal ups and downs that a pre-determined rate can provide while offering the opportunity that variable rates create.

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Get the Best of Both Worlds for Your Business

The energy market carries with it the potential for volatility, which is why many small businesses choose fixed rate electricity plans for budget certainty throughout the year. At the same time, market volatility creates opportunities and some businesses choose variable rate plans that are potentially below current market value to take advantage. RateFlex is designed to deliver benefits of both of these strategies.


Choose the Rate That's Right for You

With RateFlex, you'll know going in what your rate will be for each season or other defined period of time of your contract. We'll help you compare the seasonal averages for that defined time period so you can make an informed choice fit for your business.


Easily Manage Your Plan Online With MyAccount

Keep track of all of your account details easily with MyAccount. Track your usage, view your invoices and review your payments for one or all of your accounts. You can also use tools like Usage and Spend Alerts to keep track of unusual account activity or set up reports to track your contract performance, monthly spend, usage and more.

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