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The rates above include your energy charge from Direct Energy Business and any current delivery fees and/or other charges to cover the cost of energy delivery service.
Electricity is measured and charged by kilowatt hour (kWh), much like gasoline is measured and charged by the gallon. One kWh is equal to the power consumption of one thousand watts for one hour. A kWh measures electricity by how fast (wattage) and by how long (time) it’s used.
Natural gas is measured in therms or BTUs. A therm is a measurement of the amount of heat energy in natural gas, equal to 100,000 BTUs. A BTU (British Thermal Unit) is the quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.
Direct Energy Business works closely with your local utility or supplier to coordinate the date you begin service with us and when it ends with your utility or supplier. This ensures that you have no disruption in service.
Signing up is easy and should take less than five minutes. To get started, simply grab your current energy bill and either sign up online or by phone.

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The utility price figures have been compiled from current supply-related rates publicly available on utility websites. Rates do not include distribution service, sales taxes and/or any other factors/adders. Direct Energy Business does not make any warranty, express or implied, or assume any legal liability for the accuracy, completeness, timeliness or usefulness of any third-party data. Direct Energy Business expressly disclaims any and all liability for inaccuracies, errors, omissions or lack of timeliness and any damages arising in connection therewith. Consult your bill or utility website for more information on terms and conditions. Rockland Electric prices differ between Bergen, Passaic and Sussex counties.

Depending on your utility, you may be asked to provide an alternative to your account number, such as a customer number, Energy Source ID, or other identifiers.

Direct Energy Business is an affiliate of Direct Energy Services. If you decide to enroll your small business with Direct Energy, your contract will be with Direct Energy Services.