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Solutions for Small Institutions

Switching to Direct Energy Business for your electricity and natural gas supply doesn’t disrupt your business, and you’ll have choices of fixed price plans that work for your business. We’re focused on making sure you get the peace of mind that comes with a transparent energy plan.

Solutions for Large Institutions

Explore a range of solutions from electricity and natural gas supply to managed procurement guided by our team of strategists. Whether you’re looking to control costs, maximize market opportunities or use less energy, we have a solution to match.

Put money back into your school's budget with boss smart plugs

BOSS Smart Plugs give you control over your Plug Load which in turn, helps you use less energy. Schedule your electrical devices "to turn off" when the building is empty and remotely monitor all of your facility’s plug-in electrical devices -- computers, copiers, water fountains, coolers, from one interface. Call 844.579.7144 to learn more about receiving the BOSS Smart Plugs when you sign up for a 24-month electric or gas plan for your institution

See for yourself why we're partnered with PAPSA, and why more than 30,000 Pennsylvania businesses choose us.


About Direct Energy Business

We are focused on energy strategies for small and large businesses that help you meet your goals – whether that means controlling costs, maximizing opportunities in the energy market or reducing carbon emissions. But we don't stop there. We go beyond electricity and natural gas supply and help you identify ways to use less. That means eliminating waste, increasing efficiency and even generating new revenue. Talk to us today to learn about our services and solutions tailored to businesses of every size.

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