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MPSC Releases Final Report on Electric Choice in Michigan: Report Outlines Three Paths

In response to Governor Snyder's 2013 address on Energy and the Environment, Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) Chairman John Quackenbush and Michigan Energy Office Director Steve Bakkal have been working to gather information to help prepare and ensure that Michigan is positioned to make good energy decisions. On Nov. 20, they released their report: Readying Michigan to Make Good Energy Decisions: Electric Choice.

This is one of a series of reports used to gather data on Michigan’s energy industry and to help define the Governor’s policies on energy. It presents three paths for Michigan’s energy market: re-regulate, status quo (i.e. 10% cap), or full competition. It was recognized in detail that removal of the 10% cap, with a move to full competition, would require more staff at the MPSC and a transition, as they expect suppliers would flood into the state. The benefits of this would be jobs for the state, in addition to energy choice for consumers.

The next step is for the Governor Rick Snyder to issue his energy address, which is expected in December.

Please let take a moment to let the administration know how important electric choice is to your business.

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