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CPUC Establishes Lottery Process for Any Additional DA Load

CPUC Establishes Lottery Process for Any Additional DA Load

Submission Process to Take Place in April 2013
In late December, after several working groups and many stakeholders weighing in on the issue, the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) issued a decision adopting the process improvements for administering the enrollments for Direct Access (DA) rights.

In this decision, the Commission changed the process from a 9:00 a.m. email submission process to more of a “lottery” process, which will begin this April (2013), and will continue each June thereafter. If load is available under the legislatively-mandated cap, this lottery process will allow participants to take advantage of any additional DA load that may become available later in the year, as well as establish a “wait list” to allocate any load that becomes available (after the initial allotment) in the same calendar year.

How to Participate
The Commission outlined the details of the lottery process and the instructions for participation in their decision. Click here for a downloadable FAQ sheet.

Additional Direct Access Load Availability
The earliest an initial allotment of DA load could be available is for a service start in October 2013 (with your April Six-Month Notice submitted through the lottery). We will not know if additional load will be available until the utilities give us the information however we highly encourage businesses in the state to submit their notices regardless of availability, as load could become available later that year and the wait list will be triggered. Additionally, continuing to have the utilities and policymakers notice that customers want Direct Access and that there is a demand for it will send the right messages as we continue to push for a larger cap expansion.

If you have questions, please contact your Direct Energy Business Sales Representative.

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