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Daily Market Update February 19, 2021

Early Morning Update

The Mar21 natural gas contract is trading up $0.05 at $3.13. The Mar21 crude oil contract is down $0.90 at $59.62.


Upward movement the NYMEX natural gas prompt month was experiencing was pushed back down very quickly after a smaller than expected withdrawal was reported by the EIA. Last Friday's opening was $2.868/MMBtu and climbed up to the weekly high of $3.266/MMBtu for yesterday's open due to the news around weather across the US. However, the Midcon region had an overestimated demand gain, and heavily contributed to the nationwide discrepancy. As a result, prices fell by nearly $0.14/MMBtu from open to close. This withdrawal, which came in at 237Bcf (13Bcf less than predicted), is not forecasted to be the largest in the upcoming weeks. The market projections for next week are calling for a 362Bcf withdrawal, which would beat the current historical high of 359Bcf. The natural gas market is not the only impacted industry though. We have seen very high prices in index pricing for electricity markets with the focus still being on Texas. Consider locking in portions of or all of your load for both natural gas and energy to beat volatility like what recent history has shown us.


Market Update 02 19 2021

Market Settles 02 18 2021


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