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Daily Market Update February 8, 2019

Early Morning Update

The Mar19 natural gas contract is trading up $0.03 at $2.58. The Mar19 crude oil contract is up $0.20 at $52.84.



A smaller than expected storage report led to a drip in prices yesterday, with the prompt month down $.111 to close at $2.551.  The prompt month is getting close to the key support level of $2.50.  Whether we get there or not will depend on continued strong production and warmer temps along the east coast.  The west coast is currently seeing extremely low temps but the east coast has more demand and colder temps there have an outsized effect on national demand.  If the market goes no lower, the sell-off has already been impressive, for both gas and power as you can see from the charts below.  Customers often ask about a dip in pricing as we exit winter.  It’s hard to say that winter is over, but this may be that dip.
The cold temps in the western US has caused high index pricing, with California seeing day-ahead prices over $100 for consecutive days.


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