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Daily Market Update - May 3, 2016

Daily market update

Early Morning Update

The Jun16 natural gas contract is trading up $0.03 at $2.07.  The Jun16 crude contract is down $0.34 at $44.44.



With NG production at healthy levels and mild weather throughout most of the country, the prompt NG contract decided it was a good time to make its way back toward $2.00 and fell $.136 yesterday to close the day at $2.042.  Prices also fell all the way out the curve as it was a decidedly down day for the NYMEX yesterday.  We also saw most power markets fall slightly along with NG yesterday.  NG production seems to have stabilized at around 71.5-72.0 Bcf/d and injections into storage look to be healthy for the next few weeks, at least.  Estimates for this weeks’ storage report call for a build in the mid 60’s.  Estimates for next week are looking at a build in the low 60’s, then a build in the mid 70’s for the following week.  All of these are in-line with the 5-year average but below the fast pace of last year.

Market Update 050316

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