Market Updates

Daily Market Update - March 7, 2016

Daily market update

Early Morning Update

The Apr16 natural gas contract is trading down $0.01 at $1.65.  The Apr16 crude contract is up $0.40 at $36.32.



A fairly quiet day on Friday as the market closed up $.027 to finish the week at $1.666.  For the week, the prompt NG contract fell by $.13 as continued warm weather and very high storage levels keep the front of the curve pressured.  The longer terms have shown some strength though.  The Cal ‘17 and ‘18 were both up $.13 on the week.  The Cal ‘19 moved up $.12 and the Cal ‘20 finished the week higher by $.10.  Ongoing concerns that this current low price environment is causing financial distress for the producer community and will inevitably force a slowdown in production.  Talk of a production slowdown has been happening for years and hasn’t happened but with the ramp-up in LNG exports, a slowdown at the end of this year would be especially troublesome.

Market Update 030716

Market Settles 030416

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