Market Updates

Daily Market Update - June 20, 2016

Daily market update

Early Morning Update

The Jul16 natural gas contract is up $.04 at $2.66.  The Jul16 crude contract is up $1.02 at $49.00.




The near-term NG market ticked up again, with the prompt month closing the day at $2.623, up $.043.  The 12 month contract also finish higher, moving up $.029 to $2.94.  The longer terms again barely moved as the daily production and power burn levels seem to be the main drivers in the market.  NG production continues to hover near 70.5 Bcf/d while power burns are still ~2 Bcf/d higher than this time last year at 33 Bcf/d.  We are expecting very warm temperatures for most of the country for the next two weeks, as you can see on the map below.  All else equal, we should continue to see elevated power burn levels throughout this period, which may indicate that NG price levels may not have much downside in the short-term.

Market Update 062016

Market Settles 061716

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