Market Updates

Daily Market Update - July 1, 2016

Daily market update

Early Morning Update

The Aug16 natural gas contract is flat at $2.92.  The Aug16 crude contract is down $.20 at $48.13.



Prompt NG prices below $3.00 are seemingly becoming untenable as the Aug contract finished higher by $.061 to close the day at $2.924.  Hotter forecasted temperatures now seem to be the main driver in the market.  Cooling demand is forecasted to be above historic levels which should drive higher levels of power burns.  On the bearish front, NG supply has rebounded somewhat and current levels are near 70.5 Bcf/d after several days below 70.0 Bcf/d.  Also yesterday, the EIA reported a build into storage of 37 Bcf with a reclassification of another 5 Bcf to give us a total net injection of 42 Bcf, in-line with expectations.  For next week, early indications call for a build in the high 30’s and the low 40’s for the week after.  Again, the low pace of injections is causing the end-of-season total storage estimate to slip below 4.0 Tcf, maybe as low as 3.8 Tcf.  This represents a huge shift from the early spring when the market was trying to figure out where all the gas would go.

Market Update 070116

Market Settles 062916

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