Market Updates

Daily Market Update - August 18, 2016

Daily market update

Early Morning Update

The Sep16 natural gas contract is flat at $2.62.  The Sep16 crude contract is up $0.30 at $47.09.



Very little change to the NG market yesterday, with the market down only $.002 to close the day at $2.619.  The market seems very comfortable around the $2.60 level as the prompt month had traded near that level for the past seven sessions.  Without new fundamental news, the market has decided there’s no reason to move in any meaningful way.  Weather forecasts are showing moderating temperatures as the heat and humidity on the east coast seems finally ready to give way to more normal conditions.  With cooler temperatures, power burns are steadily falling which, combined with slightly higher NG production, should increase the pace of injections.  For todays’ report, we’re expecting a build in the upper 20’s.  Next week is still reflecting higher temperatures so we’re expecting a build in the teens.  The following week though, we should see something near 50 Bcf - still below historic levels, but better than recent reports. 

Market Update 081816

Market Settles 081716

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