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Daily Market Update - April 1, 2016

Daily market update

Early Morning Update

The May14 natural gas contract is down $5.97 at -$4.01.  The May14 crude contract is down another 29 bucks at $20.16. 


The state of Pennsylvania was divided into two specific eastern and western regions yesterday, when hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” literally split the state in half.  At approximately 2:00 pm, minor rumblings began, and continued until about 3:00, when a magnitude 4.1 earthquake occurred, a deep chasm opened up, and immediately filled with a muddy liquid, believed to be the injection fluids used in the fracking process.  No property damage or injuries were reported, as the “Grand Canyon of the East” formed entirely in unpopulated forest areas.  Market watchdogs were caught off guard, as most believed something like this would happen in Oklahoma first, where concern over earthquakes allegedly caused by the fracking process have been increasing over the past few years.  There was a “silver lining” discovered after this event occurred, when it was found that the fracking liquid in the newly-formed reservoir, was safer to drink than most municipal water supplies.  The chemical cocktail that drilling companies use for fracking is a closely-guarded secret, and was long thought to be toxic.  “Nope,” said K. T. Fitzgerald, an official with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  “It contains a lower level of toxins than the water that comes out your tap, and it even tastes better, kind of like an Arnold Palmer, a cross between lemonade and iced tea.”

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