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What is Renewable Choice™?

Renewable Choice enables you to secure solar, wind or other types of renewable power from the project of your choice to achieve sustainability goals in a simple, efficient and low risk manner. Our team will take care of the logistics and deliver you a fixed price and the right to make environmental claims about your purchase. By supporting new renewable projects in your area, your business can become a leader in the local sustainability economy. By pairing Renewable Choice™ with your electricity procurement solution, you turn your existing power into renewable supply. This can not only lead to improving your local economy, but also potential cost savings for your business.



How does Renewable Choice work?

We execute a wholesale power purchase agreement with a project developer from a new or existing renewable energy asset. This secures the physical renewable electricity supply and associated renewable attributes. Then the project developer schedules electricity and transfers renewable attributes to us. You are able to secure a fixed price, keeping your energy budget protected from market spikes. Finally, we deliver your electricity supply and the associated renewable attributes.

As a result, your organization can:

  • Support new renewable projects by purchasing energy supply and the renewable attributes.
  • Add physical renewable supply to your purchase using a standard retail supply agreement.
  • Choose the percentage of your electricity load that comes directly from renewable sources.



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