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What are renewable energy credits?


Renewable energy credits (RECs) from Direct Energy Renewable Services are certificates that represent the environmental impact of one megawatt-hour (MWh) of renewable energy generation.

When purchased alongside energy, RECs guarantee that equivalent energy was produced using renewable sources and added to the electricity grid. You can purchase RECs in a fixed amount or as a percentage of your electricity consumption. With RECs, you can cover your full power load at a fixed rate without changing your operations or supplier and enjoy the same budget certainty as a traditional fixed rate option.


How do RECs work?


At the time of purchase, you will select a specific quantity or a percentage of your energy use that will be offset with renewable energy credits. After your purchase, we will present you with a certificate to mark your renewable energy purchase and an annual product content label that describes the specific makeup of the RECs purchased and retired on your behalf.

With RECs your organization can:

  • Proceed confidently knowing that our RECs are Green-e certified
  • Can be purchased as a stand-alone solution or bundled with your retail energy supply
  • Choose the renewable energy technology type, project and region


Infographic: Renewable Energy Credits


Green-e® Energy

Since 1997, Green-e® has been the trusted global leader in clean energy certification sold to consumers and businesses. Through the Green-e® Energy program, the Center for Resource Solutions certifies renewable energy that meets the highest standards in North America.


View Product Content Labels

The Renewable Energy Credits purchased on behalf of customers are made up of specific renewable resources. Below, access specific product content labels for RECs purchased in recent years:

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