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On-site Solar. Term up to 20 years.


Reduce your reliance on grid energy and save on your electricity supply with a custom solar photovoltaic (PV) solution designed, installed, and maintained by our sister company, Centrica Business Solutions . We conduct an in-depth analysis to develop a solar PV system that maximizes your solar production, provide accurate projections on the economics of the project, and professionally install your system using top quality Tier 1 components. Further maximize your energy strategy and reduce your demand spend by pairing your solar PV system with a battery storage.

Details & Benefits:

  • We provide an industry-leading 10-year production guarantee and 10-year workmanship warranty on your solar PV installation.
  • We help you leverage various incentive programs that can generate an additional revenue stream for your business, such as managing the sale of any excess generation back to the grid through net metering.



The buyers guide to Solar

Are you interested in learning how solar converts sunshine into power? Centrica Business Solutions has a brochure that breaks down solar energy and explains how it can benefit your large business.

Centrica Business Solutions


Centrica Business Solutions worked with Embrace Home Loans, one of America's fastest-growing mortgage lenders, to install a 328.4 kW system that offset 56% of their grid consumption with renewable solar power, cutting their energy expenses by 69%. By installing an on-site solar PV system, Embrace Home Loans will save $1.5 million over 25 years, allowing them to reinvest in their company.


Leverage limited-time solar incentives

Learn how to leverage available solar incentives to maximize and monetize your solar PV system. Read a 3-part series by Centrica Business Solutions that provides information on time-critical solar incentive programs.


Learn how to leverage solar power for your business

It's time to take advantage of a 100% renewable energy source. Solar power can save your large business money every day. Watch this video from our sister company, Centrica Business Solutions, to learn about the advantages of solar power.

Centrica Business Solutions


Centrica Business Solutions

The energy industry is rapidly evolving and you need a provider that can help you stay ahead of it. At Direct Energy Business, we're driving the industry forward—by doing more than just supplying energy. In collaboration with our sister company, Centrica Business Solutions, we can now offer an unrivaled suite of next-generation energy solutions for businesses.


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