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On-site Solar. Term up to 20 years.


Offered solely by our sister company, Centrica Business Solutions , we offer turnkey solutions for on-site solar. We conduct an in-depth analysis to determine if your facility can support an on-site installation, provide projections on the economics of the project and manage the installation and ongoing maintenance.

Details & Benefits:

  • We finance, manage and provide warranties on your solar installation.
  • We manage the sale of any excess generation back to the grid through net metering.



The buyers guide to Solar

Are you interested in learning how solar converts sunshine into power? Centrica Business Solutions has a brochure that breaks down solar energy and explains how it can benefit your large business.

Centrica Business Solutions


Centrica Business Solutions worked with a major car manufacturer to implement the UK’s largest factory-connected solar PV installation. This resulted in 5 percent of energy used at the car manufacturer’s plant being generated by solar.

2019 tax credit

Your business can now take advantage of the Business Investment Tax Credit. Read this blog post by Centrica Business Solutions to see if this tax credit can benefit your large business.


See how Solar can help you

It's time to take advantage of reliable energy source. Solar power can save your large business money every day. Watch this video from our sister company, Centrica Business Solutions, to learn about the advantages of solar power.

Centrica Business Solutions