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What is on-site solar?


On-site solar enables you to generate your own power by converting solar rays into electricity. Solar power is 100 percent sustainable, reliable and cost-effective, and it can help counteract price volatility and inflation.


How does on-site solar work?


The development and implementation of solar power is helping to make the future brighter for both the environment and for businesses that are able to generate a portion of their energy requirements through the use of on-site solar panels. Direct Energy Business can connect your business to a complete solar energy solution to help you meet your sustainability goals.

Solar power can be used directly on site, stored in a battery system for demand charge management or transferred to the grid to create an additional revenue stream. Solar creates an on-site renewable energy supply. Solar creates an on-site renewable energy supply that reduces reliance on traditional energy sources from the grid.


Limited-time federal, state and local incentives are available to maximize your investment, lower your upfront costs, and boost your return on investment. Your business may be eligible to maximize your solar investment with the Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC).


With on-site solar, your organization can:

  • Lower operating costs with a reliable source of energy
  • Meet sustainability goals
  • Generate new revenue streams