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Green Power Purchase agreement. Term 12-20 years.


Enter into a power purchase agreement (3-party PPA) directly with a renewable developer that is near your service location. Your business pays a fixed rate to the producer and any usage above or below the renewable output is settled at market rates.

Details & Benefits:

  • We originate and manage the grid connect asset and finance it, with no capital expense from you.
  • We schedule the power coming from that producer and manage your wholesale power purchases.

Optimizing Your Case for Your 100% Renewable Transition

Learn about our solutions and how they can work together for you, and deliver your enterprise a low-cost path to your 100 percent renewable electricity goal.

What lessons have you learned from the energy supply space?

What aspects of a PPA can make significant impacts.

How integrated renewables into your supply can provide opportunities.





Your Renewable Choice: Twittys Creek Solar PPA

In order to help our customers achieve their carbon reduction goals, Direct Energy Renewable Services has added to our sustainable supply portfolio by securing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Cardinal Renewables supporting construction of a 14 MWac solar power installation located in Charlotte County, Virginia.

Location: Charlotte County, VA
Size: 14 MW
Operation Date: January 2021


What does "renewable energy" actually mean for businesses?

We're here to clear up the confusion on what exactly renewable energy is. Our blog post also dissects each of our renewable power solutions, so you can determine which is the best fit for your large business.