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What is carbon offset?


Carbon offsets are a fast and simple way to make real progress toward your sustainability goals. One carbon offset is equivalent to removing one metric ton of carbon dioxide, or CO2 equivalent, from the atmosphere.

By purchasing carbon offsets, you'll contribute to projects that negate or diminish greenhouse gas emissions, therefore counteracting the emissions of your business. Projects range from the development of renewable energy generation and energy efficiency technologies to agricultural and reforestation initiatives.


A carbon offset is a real, environmental commodity, not a donation or an investment in a future project.



Purchase carbon offset credits to offset greenhouse gas emissions.


The carbon offset solution from Direct Energy Renewable Services provides environmentally-conscious businesses with an opportunity to offset their greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing carbon offset credits. Businesses can bundle carbon offsets with their natural gas supply purchases and offset up to 100 percent of their natural gas carbon emissions.


As a result, your organization can:

  • Support sustainable solutions and projects in North America
  • Position itself as a leader in environmental stewardship
  • Achieve a competitive advantage by tackling "green" operational and supply chain mandates
  • Generate goodwill and heighten brand awareness with your customers