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Energy advice and guidance tailored to your business

We work with you to understand your energy profile, business goals, and risk profile. This allows you to plan with confidence.

Management that serves your needs

Employing a "use less to spend less" strategy, Strategic Services operates with an eye toward helping you manage your total energy spend.

Knowledge and expertise set us apart

With expert knowledge, we can deepen your understanding of the market so your organization can make better energy decisions.


Make wholesale energy purchases with built-in risk management



Explore our managed wholesale natural gas procurement solution


Total Energy Management

Total Energy Management from Direct Energy Business is an integrated approach that combines the knowledge of our energy professionals and a robust suite of our energy solutions. This truly comprehensive energy strategy looks at your total energy picture, from procurement to demand reduction to help you to buy and use less energy.

A comprehensive strategy pulling from both sides of the energy equation

Supply-side solutions

Load Following Block & Index (LFBI)

Demand-reduction solutions

Demand Response programs
Device-level monitoring
Solar solutions

Working with your energy experts

Energy strategies customized to your business

Managing the energy marketplace is complicated. With Strategic Services, we help simplify the process. By understanding your unique energy profile and risk profile, we help you implement a strategy that helps you meet your goals.

In it with you for the long-term

Our team is there for you the entire way — from planning through to procurement and beyond.

We know your energy spend is sizeable, so your electric and natural gas portfolios need to be managed carefully.

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