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Our resilience solutions.

From on-site generation paired with energy insights to predict and prevent equipment failure, we can customize a strategy to protect your business.


Energy Insights Solutions

Our energy insights solutions provide a single end-to-end view of your energy strategy to improve resiliency, while reducing operational failure and minimizing your commercial risks.


Save on energy costs, reduce CO2 and make your business more resilient by generating your own electricity and heat on site in a single, efficient process.

Backup Generation

Improve your resilience with back-up power generation on site to support your business and your energy strategy.

Losing power puts your business at risk. It means lost time, lost productivity and lost revenue.


Power outages can and will happen. This is why Direct Energy Business, in partnership with our sister company, Centrica Business Solutions , offers solutions that deliver true resiliency for your enterprise.


Our solutions are designed to ensure continuity and deliver a competitive advantage by protecting you against any number of environmental or operational dangers to the stability of your operation.


"We are completely energy dependent and any interruption in supply will stop production, which is our nightmare. Continuity of supply is critical, both in terms of the grid and performance of our back-up systems."
- Energy manager, food and drink manufacturer, UK

Future-Proofing your energy needs

Every business relies on energy for critical tasks – but with this dependence comes risk. This report highlights rising awareness of resilience as an issue for organizations across the globe, and practical steps you can take to mitigate risk.

Centrica Business Solutions


Energy Resilience

What exactly is energy resilience? How can it be used to solve your business' energy problems? Centrica Business Solutions breaks down the top three myths of energy resilience in this blog post.


The cost of downtime

Over 98% of large enterprises with more than 1,000 employees say that on average, a single hour of downtime per year costs their company over $100,000, while an 81% of organizations report that the cost exceeds $300,000.

-ITIC 2017 Reliability and Hourly Cost of Downtime Trends Survey


Centrica Business Solutions

The energy industry is rapidly evolving and you need a provider that can help you stay ahead of it. At Direct Energy Business, we're driving the industry forward—by doing more than just supplying energy. In collaboration with our sister company, Centrica Business Solutions, we can now offer an unrivaled suite of next-generation energy solutions for businesses.

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