Price Protection

Offering the best in both worlds, Price Protection ensures you never pay more than your capped natural gas price while still allowing you to take advantage of falling prices.  You control the amount you’re willing to spend by selecting a "ceiling" on the commodity price; even better, you have the option to pay and lock in at a lower rate if market falls below your capped price.

Why Choose Price Protection? 

  • Flexibility with a safety net
  • Set it and forget it
  • Easy conversion to a fixed price contract

Make Your Business Better by: 

  • Leveraging the benefits of a floating price with a safety net–you never pay more than your cap rate.
  • Taking advantage of falling market prices.
  • Locking in a fixed rate when market conditions are appealing to you.

Recommended for: 

  • We're willing to ride the market for the short term in anticipation of a market dip, when we can lock in a more competitive rate
  • We have a substantial level of flexibility in our month-to-month budget
  • We have a higher tolerance for the risk of market fluctuations or price spikes
  • We can control our consumption patterns to avoid high usage during price peaks
  • Our business is in a Direct Energy Business service area
  • We are a commercial or industrial organization (not residential)

  Price Protection Overview

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