PriceChoice™ for Natural Gas

Don’t change your strategy. Pick a strategy that embraces change.

No strategy is one size fits all. With PriceChoice, you choose the option that works best for your business. Here are options you can discuss with a Direct Energy Business Representative.


GasPortfolio is a managed natural gas procurement solution which combines energy expertise from Direct Energy Business, with real time data and market monitoring to help you optimize your energy spend. 

The natural gas market can move quickly, and leveraging the lows while running a business can be nearly impossible. GasPortfolio, perfect for national , industrial or large commercial businesses with one location or multiple, gives your business personalized support,  and the information you need to leverage the market and control your expenditures. 


Certainty is good. Responsiveness is good. PRiME gives you the best of both that allows you to strike the right balance between a fixed and market-based approach. With this strategy and based on your risk tolerance, you choose a plan that protects your business from fluctuating natural gas prices and takes advantage of dips in the market.

Price Protection

Ensure you never pay more than your capped natural gas price while still taking advantage of falling prices. You control your natural gas supply rate by selecting a “ceiling” on the commodity price, with the option to pay and lock in at a lower rate if the market falls below your capped price.

Trigger Services

Utilizing three types of natural gas trigger orders: Buy at Market, Trigger or Stop Loss, you can create an individualized plan to suit your company’s specific budget and risk profile. Learn more about Trigger Services here

Watch our entire interview with Direct Energy Business president John Schultz.

Direct Energy Business PriceChoice

Why Choose PriceChoice™

Flexible: Fine-tune your strategy and choices post contract, as market conditions or your business needs change Interactive: Your energy managers work with ours to actively participate in strategy decisions and track performance against goals and benchmarks


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