There is an increased focus on the environmental impact of doing business today and renewable energy is becoming an increasingly important component of corporate energy strategies. Direct Energy Business recognizes that protection of the environment is good corporate citizenship as well as good business. Energy efficiency strategies and renewable energy attributes offer viable renewable solutions that allow your business to make a difference on and off the balance sheet.

Why Consider Make Me Green?

The Make Me Green Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) purchase program is a great compliment to your electricity buying program.

  • RECs help meet your company's environmental commitment
  • Purchased RECs are Green-e®Certified
  • Make Me Green can be combined with any of our electricity plan options

Serving the Environment, Serving Your Business

Companies are exploring RECs for a wide range of reasons. By purchasing RECs, your company is able to:

  • Contribute to your voluntary corporate sustainability goals by offsetting the emissions associated with your energy supply
  • Demonstrate corporate leadership in environmental performance or signal to shareholders that your company is taking steps to minimize the environmental impact of doing business
  • Strengthen your relationship with customers, local communities, shareholders, employees and stakeholders
  • Acquire RECs simultaneously for multiple facilities in multiple service areas under one contract
  • Support the development of additional renewable energy resources

Plus, based on your level of commitment, you may be able to use existing Direct Energy Business marketing and public relations programs to help promote your support of sustainable energy.

Getting Started - the Make Me Green Process

It all begins with determining the right energy program for your business. Our fixed and variable priced products for electricity as well as our industry-leading PowerPortfolio® product for electricity management offer your company benefits based on your business needs and help offset risk as part of an integrated energy plan. Your Direct Energy Business representative will work with you or your procurement team to identify the right mix of products to build an energy strategy.

If you are an existing Direct Energy Business electricity and natural gas customer, we will help you supplement your current energy service with RECs. By integrating your corporate renewable energy goals and policies with your energy strategy, we will build you a custom Make Me Green package with energy analysis (includes audits), benchmarking, energy budgeting and life cycle analysis. 

Get started by requesting a quote today.

Learn More:  link  Make Me Green Overview    link  Learn More About RECs

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