Are you interested in renewable energy, but cannot install or do not want to install solar panels at your business? Then remote solar could be for you. It's part of the complete offering of electricity and natural gas solutions we offer at Direct Energy Business, a leading retail energy supplier.

Remote solar allows businesses to purchase clean, renewable power from an offsite solar array at a discount compared to their current rate.

Direct Energy Business and SolarCity will install, operate and maintain the remote site, leaving you with no worry.

What’s the Difference Between Remote Solar and Distributed Generation?

Remote solar offers businesses a way to reduce their energy use through renewable energy sources, while having no impact on the business’s facility. The solar impact can also be shared among multiple sites.

When deciding on remote solar, you are agreeing to purchase solar power that is generated every month from an offsite location. No on-site rooftop hosting is required.

What are the Benefits?

When you decide on remote solar, your business could potentially see immediate savings and predictable rates.You will have a fixed rate for the term of your contract that may be less than you pay today.

Additionally, there is no up-front capital expenditure needed to get started with remote solar.

Get started today! Contact a Direct Energy Business representative by filling out the form on this page. You may also call us at 800.437.7665 or email us at

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