Diesel and gasoline fleets are expensive to run, and their emissions are harmful to the environment and us. But with a compressed natural gas (CNG) fleet, you can realize immediate cost savings and make a positive difference to the environment.

Direct Energy Business and our partner American Natural Gas, LLC (ANG) build, own, operate and maintain heavy-duty CNG fueling stations for fleet customers across North America. We are trusted by commercial, industrial and municipal entities all over the country for our unmatched expertise in CNG solutions, and you can trust us to help reduce your operational costs1 and greenhouse gas emissions2 while increasing your fleet’s efficiency. Learn more about switching fleets to CNG.

Take a look at how we help develop CNG fueling solutions for fleets.

Benefits of Working with Us

We offer all of the following services:

  • The entire fueling station development process—from site selection, project funding, design and construction to ongoing station operation and maintenance
  • Customized fuel offtake agreements to address your financial and operational objectives
  • Financing options to eliminate associated capital requirements
  • Reliable and uninterruptible service—our technicians are available 24/7/365

We also provide many other maintenance benefits for your CNG fueling station:

  • Flexible fueling and maintenance contracts
  • Station upgrades
  • Emergency station repairs
  • Station inspections and evaluations
  • Repair and installation of FuelMaker models
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Full compressor rebuilds
  • Dispenser repair, calibration and weights and measures testing
  • PLC programming (programming needed on fueling system)

Converting to CNG

If you’ve ever wondered about the economics behind converting your fleet to natural gas, ANG provides a basic conversion calculator to help you set some baseline numbers specific to your business.

It Works for Them, It Can Work for You

Try-It! Distributing, a beverage distributor serving western New York, recently switched its 40-truck fleet from petroleum to CNG and had us construct a fueling station on its campus. See how Try-It! Distributing expects this conversion will save 40 percent on its fleet’s fuel costs.

To see the results of a project that has already earned its investment back, read this CNG case study. Find out how a grocery distributor saves almost $2.5 million annually using CNG for its fleet’s fuel.

1. www.afdc.energy.gov/data/103261  2. www.encana.com/natural-gas/transportation


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