Energy efficiency initiatives allow you to reduce energy consumption to lower energy costs and may make your business more profitable. It's part of the complete offering of electricity and natural solutions we offer at Direct Energy Business, a leading retail energy supplier.

The complexities of determining which energy efficiency upgrades to pursue and finding capital in the budget prevents energy cost-saving initiatives from getting off the ground for many businesses. EfficiencyEdge™ from Direct Energy Business will change that.

What is EfficiencyEdge?

EfficiencyEdge from Direct Energy Business offers you a fast and easy way to reduce energy consumption and costs with no need for up-front capital investment. EfficiencyEdge will:

  • Quickly identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption/maintenance costs.
  • Prioritize projects with greatest opportunity to reduce usage.
  • I secure all available incentives/rebates on your behalf to reduce production costs.
  • Execute efficiency upgrades in a timely, high quality, cost-effective manner.
  • Integrate project costs into an energy supply agreement so you can benefit from on-bill financing, rather than incurring up-front funding costs. 

How can EfficiencyEdge benefit my business?

  • Helps to reduce energy consumption and lowers operating costs.
  • Upgrades/modernizes your facility and/or energy technologies
  • Allows you to take advantage of certifications. (i.e. LEED)
  • May help your business meet sustainability objectives and have a positive impact on the environment

Depending on the type of facility you have, some of the projects EfficiencyEdge can identify and implement include:

  • Lighting and lighting control upgrades
  • Motors and Variable Frequency DrivesEnhance, re-commission existing HVAC controls
  • Piping or ducting insulation 
  • Water conservation 
  • Install temperature controls where none exist
  • Remote monitoring

How Does EfficiencyEdge Work?

We know your time is valuable. We know you want to benefit from energy efficiency projects as quickly and as easily as possible. That’s why we’ve made EfficiencyEdge fast and convenient for you with our streamlined process.

  1. First we’ll meet with you to discuss how you use energy and what your overall financial priorities are.
  2. Then we’ll conduct an energy audit at your facility/building at no cost.
  3. Following the audit, we will deliver efficiency recommendations and a bundled energy price, that includes both the commodity and project costs (net of all available incentives we identify), within 3 to 4 weeks.
  4. Your energy efficiency projects to reduce energy usage will be implemented.

Get started on a path to energy cost savings today! 

You want the best for your business and you want to ensure that you’re getting the most from your energy budget. We make it our mission to earn the trust of our 240,000 customers by sharing our energy expertise, delivering innovative energy solutions and treating their accounts with care. To learn more about how we can help you reduce energy usage, email or contact your Direct Energy Business Representative.

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