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Managed Energy Products

Every business is unique and all industries have specific energy demands. Whether you want to manage your energy spend in a flexible, investment-style manner or if you’d rather set your procurement on auto-pilot, Direct Energy Business has the answers. Our flexible and customized solutions will help you stay ahead of the curve and get you back to what you are good at–managing your business.

PowerPortfolio®  |  GasPortfolio®

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Data and Analytics

Whether you want to cut down on your energy spend, manage the energy usage of multiple facilities or just monitor how a building or piece of machinery is working, Direct Energy Business has the solution for you. From hands-off to hands-on, we give you the tools to keep your business running smoothly and smartly.

Panoramic Power®  |  PowerBuy®

Efficient Light Bulb


We're all tasked to do more with less, and that goes double for businesses. Direct Energy Business has solutions that allow you to increase the efficiency of your business by offsite and onsite solar generation, feeding into the grid when times are lean, and increasing your business’ efficiency with little to no up-front cost.

Demand Response  |  Efficiency Edge™

Solar Power  |  Remote Solar  |  Solar Storage

Gas Fueling Station - XNG

CNG and Gas Conversion

Clean and low-cost natural gas can be used for more than just power generation. Learn how Direct Energy Business natural gas solutions can help power your fleet, heat your facility and propel your company cleanly into the future.

Fleet CNG  |  Stationary CNG

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