PriceLock™ for Electricity

A fixed supply rate per kilowatt hour for the length of your contract that allows you to plan your electricity consumption and budget with confidence. PriceLock lets you focus on making your business better, and not worrying about your electricity rate.


PriceFloat™ for Electricity

A rate per kilowatt hour that follows the electricity market for the length of your contract and allows you to benefit from lower prices when the market dips. PriceFloat makes riding the market simple and transparent, allowing you to focus on making your business better.

Direct Energy Business PriceChoice

PriceChoice™ for Electricity

A blend of fixed and variable rates per kilowatt hour during the length of your contract that allows you to respond to a changing electricity market. PriceChoice helps you make your business better by giving you control right when you need it most.

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Direct Energy Business Virtual Product Advisor

Virtual Product Advisor

Use our Virtual Product Advisor to find power, gas, and energy management solutions that businesses like yours typically choose. Simply answer a few questions and our Virtual Product Advisor will suggest the right products for your business.

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