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Your business can’t run without electricity. Fortunately, Direct Energy Business has the power to analyze your electricity consumption patterns, help you to assess your tolerance for risk and guide you toward products that make sense for your business. We also provide market insights and relevant information along the way.

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Natural Gas

Purchasing natural gas for your business doesn’t need to be confusing or complex. Take advantage of a fixed rate, floating rate or a blend of fixed and variable pricing to keep your business growing. Our industry experts can work with you to configure a plan that will help you make smart energy choices.

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Energy Solutions

Managing your energy costs shouldn’t be a full time job. That’s why Direct Energy Business puts the power in your hands to control how your business best uses its energy assets. We offer several powerful tools and solutions that can help you manage your energy buy, increase equipment or facility efficiency and keep your business fleet propelled for the long haul.

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Green Energy

Whether you’re interested in powering your business with solar, or debating the benefits of a CNG vs LNG fleet, Direct Energy Business makes it easy to go green. Learn how renewable resources such as wind and solar and green sources like natural gas can lead your business to greater savings and sustainability.

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Virtual Product Advisor

Use our Virtual Product Advisor to find power, gas, and energy management solutions that businesses like yours typically choose. Simply answer a few questions and our Virtual Product Advisor will suggest the right products for your business.

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