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Shifting the balance of power—to you.

If you're a large energy user, your enterprise has the unique opportunity to take control of the total cost you pay for your power—and Direct Energy Business can help you do it.

Through Peak Load Management, your enterprise can take steps to lower what’s called your Peak Load Contribution or PLC.


How is your Peak Load Contribution calculated?

Peak load days or hours are times of maximum energy consumption on the grid. At the end of the summer, your local distribution company identifies the highest peak times, and then reviews how much power you consumed during that time. This value is called your Peak Load Contribution, or PLC.

Make it part of your end-to-end energy strategy

Direct Energy Business is leading the industry in helping businesses manage their PLC and figuring out how to lower their bill.

For our customers using our solutions like Demand Response, Fixed Energy Plus or our managed product suite, Peak Load Management is a central tactic we use to help lower costs—or even to help generate revenue.