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NYMEX Plus flexible natural gas purchasing with built-in risk management.

Effectively manage your risk by having the ability to separate and individually manage the two primary components of a fixed price. Lock in your basis cost while leaving the commodity component subject to NYMEX pricing. You can then make decisions through the contract to actively manage the commodity portion or allow it to settle at the NYMEX price.




Features and benefits:

Fixed basis with multiple ways to manage the commodity portion of your energy load.

  • Limited exposure to market fluctuations by leveraging your option to set market triggers and locking in volume at desired pricing
  • Flexible solution with the potential for capturing opportunities in the natural gas market while still managing your risk tolerance


nymex plus


What is a trigger

It can also be set as a price target below the current market price or as a price ceiling. The price ceiling indicates the maximum price a customer is willing to pay.


What sets us apart?

  • Transparent, wholesale market pricing on triggers with no mark-up
  • Experts available via our Commodities Service Desk
    • Trigger by phone, email or online via MyAccount
    • Discuss trigger options with market experts
  • Online Triggering
    • Access to real-time, executable prices
    • View trigger position and historical purchases
  • Trigger Alerts
    • Receive email alerts based on price points you can set.



MyAccount, an easy-to-use account management tool

Easily track your account details, including invoices and payments.

Learn about MyAccount


Customer profile:

  • Organizations with >10,000 Dth of annual usage
  • Multiple site/locations (national accounts)
  • Can take advantage of both fixed-price and index strategies
  • The desire to actively manage your energy strategy


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