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Your business wants to keep its risk down and its opportunity to save, up.

NYMEX Plus can give your large business both.


Direct Energy Business President John Schultz on NYMEX Plus



NYMEX Plus starts by locking in your transportation cost.

This cost can be locked in at a fixed price for specific periods of time and for specific volumes. Once this basis portion is set, your opportunities to save become available.


nymex plus


The commodity portion of natural gas price is up to you.

With your transportation cost locked in, you have flexible options for managing the commodity portion of the price, which is set according to the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). This creates the potential for achieving a lower price over time.



MyAccount, an easy-to-use account management tool

Easily track your account details, including invoices and payments.

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Customer profile:

  • Interested in partial or full index pricing for your natural gas requirements
  • Large commercial and industrial entities with high volume requirements
  • Multiple sites/locations
  • An in-house energy management function (team or individual)
  • The desire to actively manage your energy strategy


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