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The natural gas market moves just like any other commodity market, opening up opportunities to secure advantageous prices. Our Index Price Natural Gas solution offers you the flexibility to pursue competitive pricing and capitalize on opportunities in the market.

The Index Price Natural Gas solution positions you to take advantage of price drops. You can float on market prices that correspond to a transparent, published market index as you watch forward market conditions for an opportunity to buy when prices are low.


Why Choose an Index Priced Strategy?

Movement in the natural gas market can open up opportunities to capitalize on advantageous prices and price drops. You can float on market rates as you watch forward market conditions for an opportunity to lock in when prices are at your desired levels.

Quick Fact

Direct Energy Business is the #1 commercial natural gas supplier in the eastern U.S.


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What Our Customers Say

"I don't think others can provide the variety and level of service that Direct Energy Business provides to customers."
- Frank Park, Chief Engineer, Arrow Linen Supply

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Recommended for Enterprises with:

  • Significant natural gas consumption
  • Greater risk appetite and budget flexibility
  • Active, sophisticated energy management programs
  • Uncertainty in consumption patterns resulting from process or operational changes

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