Get Your Onsite Efficiency Upgrades Up and Running Faster

Almost every commercial operation can benefit from robust energy efficiency initiatives to reduce energy consumption and lower energy costs, and may make your enterprise more profitable.

However, the complexities of determining which energy efficiency upgrades to pursue and finding capital in the budget prevents energy cost-saving initiatives from getting off the ground for many enterprises. EfficiencyEdge™ from Direct Energy Business will change that.

Quick Fact

EfficiencyEdge from Direct Energy Business offers you a fast and easy way to reduce energy consumption and costs with no need for up-front capital investment.


Solution Profile

Quickly identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption/maintenance costs and secure all available incentives/rebates on your behalf to reduce production costs.


Operational Benefit

Upgrade and modernize your facility and/or energy technologies, take advantage of certifications and meet sustainability objectives.

EfficiencyEdge Project Examples:

  • Lighting and lighting control upgrades
  • Motors and Variable Frequency Drives Enhance, re-commission existing HVAC controls
  • Piping or ducting insulation
  • Water conservation
  • Install temperature controls where none exist

How it Works:

  • Meet to discuss how you use energy and goals
  • Conduct an energy audit at your facility/building at no cost
  • Deliver recommendations and a bundled energy price, including commodity and project costs
  • Implement your energy efficiency projects

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